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These Transparent, Solar Power-Generating Windows

2017-07-07 04:07:03

A tech startup on a mission to make modern commercial and housing estates energy neutral has outfitted the headquarters of a Dutch bank with the world's first commercial, fully transparent solar-power-generating windows. – These Transparent, Solar Power-Generating Windows Are the World's First – Jul.06.2017 via NBC News

Panda power! China is building the world's cutest

2017-07-07 04:07:54

china really loves its giant pandas and the adorable black and white bear is the inspiration behind a new green energy station helping power the Asian nation.

Hawaiian Solar Looks to Batteries to Re-energize I

2017-07-07 04:08:46

TNS) — Hawaii’s solar industry slump continues, but representatives are hopeful batteries connected to solar energy systems will help the number of installations rebound

This Palestinian village had solar power — until I

2017-07-07 04:09:17

JUBBET ADH DHIB, West Bank — The residents of this dirt-poor Palestinian village waited decades for electricity. But in November, a Dutch-funded solar project finally gave them round-the-clock power to refrigerate food or do a load of laundry.

The Economic Reality Of Proposed Tariffs On Solar

2017-07-07 04:10:09

With America’s energy future in mind, President Donald Trump’s Administration has a unique opportunity to embrace a solar sector that is helping to grow our nation’s economy, creating high-paying jobs and reinforcing a competitive free market. Unfortunately, a new trade action by the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) would move the United States away from the free market and toward regulated solar markets that prevailed in the past. Proposed tariffs of 40 cents per watt on solar cells and a minimum price of 78 cents a watt on solar photovoltaic (PV) modules would drive up prices for solar panels for residential consumers, corporate customers, and electric utilities. This is after prices have dropped significantly over the last five years. The cost of PV modules dropped nearly 34 percent in just the first half of 2016, according to GTM Research.

Solar power, shade coming to MSU parking lots

2017-07-07 04:10:46

EAST LANSING - Among the active construction projects on Michigan State University’s campus this summer is one that will keep parked cars cool. And research labs, too. Solar panel parking bays — covered parking capable of collecting energy from the sun — are going up on five parking lots along the southern portion of campus.