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Solar Module Cleaning System

The amount of power lost every day due to buildup of pollutants, such as smokestacks, exhaust systems, jet aircraft, animal farms, wind, rain, agricultural sprays, or dust varies with every location.

  The bottom line is that all experts agree that failure to clean a panel will result in power loss. No manual cleaning service over the lifetime of the panels can compare in return on investment to our automatic solar panel cleaning system. Our system affords you the opportunity to keep your panels clean every day, not just 2 to 4 days a year.

Rooftop Solar System Advantages

  1.  Project will maximize the efficiently of the solar panel resulting in these panel to pay for themselves earlier
  2.  Easy to construct, Low cost, Low Maintenance
  3.  Our solar panel cleaning systems are the industry’s finest, and make maximizing production from your Commercial solar panel system. RegeWatt cleans solar panels like no other company, offering state-of-the-art automatic systems that configure for your specific soiling environment
  4.  Cleaning water waste management system will help to use the water in plantation
  5.  No need to climb up to clean solar panel. No risk of fall & clean the solar panel automatic
  6.  More about the great line of products available to you at RegenWatt We offer free quotes and professional installation, so call today!

  1.  Help to recover lost kilowatt power
  2.  Independently programmed rinse and wash cycle Not effecting to production of solar generation
  3.  Helps you to maximize solar panel production on daily basis
  4.  Carport installations Rooftop, ground mount
  5.  Increased power output over the life cycle of the panels, OR, one may elect to reduce the number of panels at the original installation as those panels will be given the opportunity to achieve their potential. Installing additional panels to offset loss due to dirt and debris can be minimized
  6.  Reduced cleaning costs over the lifetime of the project
  7.  Elimination of personal liability, employee injury or roof damage for roof mounted systems
  8.  Elimination of potential damage to the solar panel from brushes scraping over the glass surface for 25 years
  9.  Our customers receiving maximum return for their solar investment