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Solar Rooftop Panel

In grid-interactive system( includes on-grid and grid interactive system), the DC power generated from solar PV panels is converted to AC power using power conditioning unit and is fed to the grid depending on the system installed at institution, commercial establishment or, residential complex.

  It used to generate power during the daytime which is utilized fully by powering the captive loads and feeding excess power to the grid as long as grid is available. In cases, where solar power is not sufficient due to cloud cover etc. the captive loads are served by drawing power from the grid.

  The grid-interactive rooftop solar PV systems thus work on ‘net-metering’ basis wherein the beneficiary pays to the utility on net meter reading basis only. Ideally, grid interactive systems do not require battery backup as the grid acts as the back-up for feeding excess solar power and vice-versa. However, to enhance the performance reliability of the overall systems, a minimum battery-back of one hour of load capacity is strongly recommended.

  In grid-interactive systems, it has, however to be ensured that in case the grid fails, the solar power has to be fully utilized or, islanded immediately feeding to the grid (if any in excess) so as to safe-guard any grid person/technician from getting shock (electrocuted) while working on the grid for maintenance etc. This feature is termed as ‘Anti-Islanding Protection’.